Herd Vaccination

Some areas of South Africa are prone to Anthrax during the early rainy season. In parts of the Northern Cape where valuable and rare antelope are present, it is vital to administer an annual vaccine to protect against the common diseases. Mostly, vaccinating is performed prior to or at the beginning of the rainy season, offering protection against Anthrax, Rift Valley Fever, Botulism, to name a few, mostly for buffalo, sable, roan, giraffe, rhino and other important breeding stock. Usually an entire herd of animals will be vaccinated from the helicopter, using drop out darts. Typically the duration to vaccinate a herd of 20 buffalo will take 10 minutes of flying.



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Feel free to contact C Vet or request a quote for Wildlife Veterinary services, in the Southern African region. For urgent wildlife emergencies please phone Dr Charlotte Moueix on +27 82 974 2675.  Internships or job shadowing: Please note that Dr Moueix can unfortunately not accept students seeking internships or job shadowing opportunities, due to the logistical difficultites arising from the operation of a mobile veterinarian clinic.

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