Dr Charlotte Moueix offers the following Wildlife Veterinary Services in Southern Africa:

Aerial Services: Game Census and Ecological Survey

A helicopter game count is a vital part of wildlife management. Continue reading

Game Capture and Chemical Immobilization

The darting of specific individual animals, either from a helicopter or from the ground, is necessary for game farming management. Continue reading

Rhino Management

Rhino have become a highly endangered and valuable species, due to their value, it has become increasingly necessary to manage populations. Continue reading

Herd Vaccination

Vaccinating is performed prior to or at the beginning of the rainy season, offering protection against Anthrax, Rift Valley Fever, Botulism, to name a few, mostly for buffalo, sable, roan, giraffe, rhino and other important breeding stock. Continue reading

24 Hour Wildlife Emergency Standby

C Vet is able to respond, around the clock, to wildlife call outs at short notice. Continue reading

Routine Surgery

C Vet is a mobile veterinarian clinic and is geared for bush emergencies. Continue reading

Specific Game Management

C Vet has been involved in some of the largest breeding projects in South Africa and is able to provide a full service including initial planning and set up. Continue reading

Contact or Request a Quote from C Vet

Feel free to contact C Vet or request a quote for Wildlife Veterinary services, in the Southern African region. For urgent wildlife emergencies please phone Dr Charlotte Moueix on +27 82 974 2675.  Internships or job shadowing: Please note that Dr Moueix can unfortunately not accept students seeking internships or job shadowing opportunities, due to the logistical difficultites arising from the operation of a mobile veterinarian clinic.

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