Dr Charlotte Moueix - Wildlife Veterinarian - South Africa

Dr Charlotte Moueix

C Vet provides a personalized wildlife veterinary service through out South Africa.

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Wildlife Veterinary Services:

Specific Game Management

C Vet has been involved in some of the largest breeding projects in South Africa and is able to provide a full service ...

Game Capture and Chemical Immobilization

The darting of specific individual animals, either from a helicopter or from the ground, is necessary for game farming ...

Rhino Management

Rhino have become a highly endangered and valuable species, due to their value, it has become increasingly necessary to ...

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Feel free to contact C Vet or request a quote for Wildlife Veterinary services, in the Southern African region. For urgent wildlife emergencies please phone Dr Charlotte Moueix on +27 82 974 2675.  Internships or job shadowing: Please note that Dr Moueix can unfortunately not accept students seeking internships or job shadowing opportunities, due to the logistical difficultites arising from the operation of a mobile veterinarian clinic.

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