Dr Charlotte Moueix - C Vet

With the recurrent dream of wanting to become a wildlife vet in Africa, Charlotte studied Veterinary Sciences at the National Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort, Paris. She obtained her Doctorate after a specialization in French wildlife management at the Veterinary School of Nantes. She then decided to join the Wildlife Unit of the University of Veterinary Science, Onderstepoort, Pretoria, South Africa in order to complete an MSc. She obtained her Masters degree on Wild Dog genetics with Honors. Charlotte then passed the South African Veterinary Council Board exam allowing her to practice in southern Africa.

Having gained first hand practical experience with species such as elephant, rhino, buffalo and other endangered antelope species from some of the country’s leading vets, she now runs her own wildlife veterinary practice, C Vet, specializing in chemical immobilization of all game species including large carnivores. Charlotte is based in the Free State but works in most provinces of South Africa.

C Vet works with various game capture teams around the country.

C Vet provides a competitive, personalized and dedicated wildlife veterinary service through out South Africa.

Dr Charlotte Moueix - Wildlife Veterinarian - South Africa

Contact or Request a Quote from C Vet

Feel free to contact C Vet or request a quote for Wildlife Veterinary services, in the Southern African region. For urgent wildlife emergencies please phone Dr Charlotte Moueix on +27 82 974 2675.  Internships or job shadowing: Please note that Dr Moueix can unfortunately not accept students seeking internships or job shadowing opportunities, due to the logistical difficultites arising from the operation of a mobile veterinarian clinic.

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